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MOMSTELL's goal is to develop a resource to join concerned parents and families and work together for positive change regarding substance abuse issues.  Addiction is a disease and we must work together to protect our children from the devastation that drugs and alcohol bring to families.  As parents and family members unite with “one voice” to create positive change in substance abuse treatment, education, legislation, policies and prevention change will take place.. 

We want to encourage people to become involved by writing letters and making phone calls to policy makers and legislators regarding the substance abuse issues in their communities.  When parents speak up and speak out, policies change.

"Don't be intimidated  policy makers and legislators work for us.  They are ready to listen to parents who are willing to share their stories. The goal is to educate our legislators and provide them with the information they need to make right wise choices regarding substance abuse treatment, education, legislation, policy and prevention.   Our voices can be heard at the policy making tables and in the legislature."                   -- Sharon Smith LeGore

Elements of Effective Calls, Visits, or Letters to Legislators

1. Quick statement of your purpose for the contact: state the needed action.

        (For example: I am calling / writing / visiting to educate you about _______

2.  Your name and location in the district or service area:_______

     (It is important to let the legislator if you are  a "constituent" or if you serve in their district).

3.  Why this issue is this important to you or to your program_______

        (Please be specific)

4.  Restate the action being sought:_____

5.  Thank them for taking the time to hear your concerns.

Remember: Politeness counts.  Establishing a long-term positive relationship is an important goal during your visits or calls. Sending a hand written "Thank You" is a great way to begin building relationships with your legislators.